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Thula Michail is a South African company, specializing in the fabrication and manufacturing of welded steel pipes, steel works and steel construction and serves across Southern Africa, ranging from small needs to larger projects,which include the Department of Water Affairs, Lever Ponds and Kimberly Clark.

Thula Michail focuses on providing a fast and efficient solutions to all your steel and mechanical engineering needs. We adapt to your needs, whiles keeping our quality and satisfactory promise. We strive towards cost effective, tailor-made solutions for our clients’ needs.

We have established a long term relationship with leading companies using our steel, sealant and pumps- solution. We are currently expanding our distribution infrastructure locally, thus expanding our services to even rural areas, meeting more steel needs across the country. With a guaranteed constant supply of excellent service, greater reach, a dedicated workforce and years of experience, Thula Michail is the clear choice in Steel fabrication and Engineering.

We are proud of our patented packing solutions with Automatic Lubrication feed to shaft, Elastomeric square silicone with memory to accommodate shaft whip, Considerable water reduction, High leakage and emission control, the ability to operate at high pressures and speeds, and resistance to process chemicals and the reduction of sleeve and stem scoring. This, making THula Michail one of the go to suppliers of Packing and Sealant – Solutions in the field.

At Thula Michail, we pride ourselves on using the best equipment, products and suppliers, with focus on locally fabricated products, environmental conservation and local workforce. We are determined to become the preferred supplier and fabricator across Southern Africa, leaning on our unique patent sealants for pumps, fabrication experience, adaptability to clients needs and guarantee on satisfaction. With dedicated focus on each project and a client list across the board, ranging from local company needs to Government contracts, Thula Michail will help you with your needs.



STEEL Construction, cat ladders, hot dip galv, walkways

Project description

Supply and Deliver to your needs:

Pumps and Motors
Paints and Brushes
Welding Equipment
Sand Paper
Electrical and Mechanical Tools
Klingerite- and Rubber Gaskets
Lifting Equipment
Steel Merchants etc.

Hot Dip According to ISO 1461
Powder Coating

All Mechanical-; Mine-; and Engineering Supplies

Bolts & Nuts: Galvanized; Mild Steel; High Tensile and Stainless Steel

Couplings – Agents for Viking Johnson; Fenner; Manufacture Winside Pipe Couplings

Electric Motors – New and Recondition
Engineering Works – Vertical and Horizontal Boring Mills
Flowmeters – New and Recondition
Laths etc.

Fabrication – Manufacture Walkways; Cage Ladders; Air Gratings; Handrails.

Building; Paving etc.