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Steel Fabrication, Welding and Construction​​​​​​​

BEE Certified and Members SASSDA, MIDC and Productivity SA.

Quick guide:
– Decorative steel: Black steel, brass, copper, stainless steel.
– Structural steel: Building exterior, stairs and balustrades, mezzanines, duct, billboard, crane, fence, flag, doors and canopies.
– Design and engineering
– Building and Paving
– Pipelines, Sealants and Water Storage Solutions
Services: Sandblasting, powder coating, painting solutions

At Thula Michail, we pride ourselves on using the best equipment, products and suppliers, with focus on locally fabricated products, environmental conservation and local workforce. We are determined to become the preferred supplier and fabricator across Southern Africa, leaning on our unique patent sealants for pumps, fabrication experience, adaptability to clients needs and guarantee on satisfaction. With dedicated focus on each project and a client list across the board, ranging from local company needs to Government contracts, Thula Michail will help you with your needsThula Michail provides a range of specialist engineering services to a diverse range of engineering industries all over South Africa. We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Steal Products, Construction and Components, which are used in various industries. Our Scope of work range from the manufacturing and/or the distribution of Mechanical Seals, Packing/Seals, to Industry Engineering in Power Generation, Steel, Paper and Mining.


Our products are known for exhibiting exceptional quality. At Thula Michail we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We strive for quality and personal service to all.


Thula Michail (BEE Certified) has been providing value-driven solutions around the country with documented success and recognition from leading companies like:

  • Lever Ponds – Unilever;
  • Kimberley Clark;
  • Department of Water Affairs;
  • Department of Forestry;
  • and many other.


We offer the best in All Steel-; Mechanical-; Mine-Engineering Supplies. Ranging from Bolts and Nuts, Couplings, Electric Motors and Engineering Works; to the Fabrication and Manufacture of Walkways, Cage Ladders, Air Gratings and Handrails. All our Hot Dip Galvanizing is in Accordance to ISO 1461.

Thula Michail Services:

Recommended for the following industries:

* Mining;

* Sewerage works;

* Power stations;

* Paint manufacturers;

* Paper plants;

* Tyre industry;

* Soap Manufacture;

* Chemical Plants;

* Petroleum/Oil Plants;

* Food Industry;

* Breweries;

* Sugar Mills;
We’re finding better ways to serve our customers all the time. In addition to our expanding line of industrial registered patent mechanical seals ®, we’re updating and upgrading this page to provide you with more information about all the other services and products we have to offer.

Manufacturers of

  • conveyor pipes,
  • en-casements,
  • piping,
  • suction and exhaust plants.

Licensed welding specialist.

Experienced and qualified Boilermakers

More Services:


• Paints and Brushes

• Welding Equipment

• Sand Paper

• Electrical and Mechanical Tools and

• Klingerite- and Rubber Gaskets

• Lifting Equipment

• Steel Merchants etc.



We supply and install new fencing and gates to your premises or Maintain and repair existing Gates, palisades or fences. Whether you require fencing simply as boundary marker or to provide a very high level of security we will accommodate your requirements with value services. We can propose the optimum fencing and gates solution for your project.


We have a almost unrivaled level of experience across a very broad range of business sectors and applications. These include projects as diverse as Dams and Forest fencing through to Sports Fencing, with more general perimeter Security Fencing (fitted on high security sites like schools, storage depots,data centers and numerous other sites), Prison Fencing, Protecting Fencing and Boundary Fencing for corporate offices. Palisade fencing is a cost effective and secure fencing system.


We are able to specify the optimum and most cost-effective solution and follow this up with a full manufacturing and installation service anywhere in South Africa. Electronic gates and fencing adds to the security of your industrial and commercial premises. We can supply a range of fencing and gates, including steel palisade fencing, electronic gates, sliding gates, bi-folding gates and swing gates.


Products can be finished in either hot dipped galvanizing or they can be powder coated to any colour you require.



Whatever your paving requirement we can provide a pattern imprinted concrete solution, be it driveway paving, patio design and swimming pool surrounds or a more bespoke or commercial project.


We can also provide a plethora of special features including in-built flower beds, steps, features, surface drainage and even multi-color or tonal areas for that ultimate improvement to your residential or commercial project.


Louvre Ventilation:

We are specialist suppliers of Louvre systems to the window and construction industry. We have extensive experience of projects of all sizes, offering practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients. With a high level of service matched with a quality products and competitive prices, Advanced Ventilation Systems are the first choice to our clients.


Our portfolio of products includes an extensive range of Louvre products to suit a wide variety of applications.


All products have been comprehensively tested in line with the current building regulation standards with test reports available upon request.


Mezzanine Floors:

A mezzanine floor can be installed internally or externally for the safe accommodation of mechanical and electrical systems. An external mezzanine floor is made from a galvanized steel. We will design to accommodate specific point loads for your machinery or equipment installed. Finishes include hot dipped galvanized, usually for external applications, and painted for internal use.


Flooring is usually durbar cheqer plate steel, open mesh or P6 grade tongue and grooved mezzanine floor decking. Access can be via a staircase or cat ladder. Loading gates can be incorporated within the perimeter barrier system to enable placement of plant and machinery. Perimeter handrail is constructed from box section double tubular rail and is available in a wide range of colors. Kick board is fitted to most perimeter applications below the handrail.


A storage platform mezzanine floor is exactly as it sounds, a mezzanine floor used for storage purposes only. It is the ideal solution to maximizing the space you have available. So instead of moving premises, you use the area above you instead – creating additional floor space from wasted space above your existing working areas.


Aluminum Windows:

Aluminum windows offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They provide slim-lines, more glass area and less visible frame. Our aluminum windows are a premium product, maintenance free and built to last, with the life span of aluminum being measured in decades rather than years. Aluminum is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable and very environmentally friendly.


Using slim frames and durable aluminum based materials the main aim of our product range is to add value to your home. The aluminum window are one of the thinnest frames on the market

Another benefit of aluminum is the ability for your windows to be colored. Our Aluminum Products are painted in a polyester powder coat finish, which is baked on for a tough and resilient paint finish that will not flake or fade over time.


We manufacture a wide variety of aluminum windows from the biggest names in the industry. If you are looking for a feature, or a specific design then please contact us and we can recommend the system that best meets your requirements.


Precast Slabs:

The precast concrete retaining wall system is designed to provide rapid construction of ground retaining walls within building structures. Precast concrete is the ideal solution for those looking for Modern Methods of Construction for retaining walls to car parks, goods yards and landscape schemes. Rapid fast track concrete construction of retaining walls is the key advantage over traditional casting.